Hashim Thomas’ visual approach can be compared to moving with a body of water, which rapidly adapts to change in its environment through constant movement.  His technical knowledge of the image creation process for motion pictures was developed through working on many professional productions. Since 2000 many crews have appreciated and benefited from his talent in multiple and diverse roles.   Hashim attended what Rolling Stones Magazine called “the best kept secret in LA” Design, Art & Architecture (DAA) under an early Mentor, Ronn Davis, who is responsible for expanding the way he views and approaches the visual language at the time coming from the street as a graffiti artist.

Hashim is an Artist in many uses of the word: visual artist, martial artist, & the healing arts. If you asked him, he would suggest, ‘There is a link with all three and our visual sub-conscious is connected through imagery and movement.  “Images of strength, beauty and power are all subjective within a given culture,” he adds.  “I strive to go beneath the surface into the depths of experience.”


Since 2011 Hashim has directed close to a dozen electrifying music videos for today’s top emerging artist in Los Angeles.  Celeste Scott with “Back on You”, Malkovich with “Lies”, Sum with “Oblivion”, and Jimi James with “Po$eN”- produced by WOW JONES, just to name a few.  “Working with music videos has been a great format to experiment with storytelling.  It has allowed me to reveal the narrative of the music visually thus approaching it like a short film”, Hashim says.


Hashim has begun filming a martial arts documentary with the Historical Preservation Group.  The Historical Preservation Group (H.P.G) is a collection of Martial Artists and filmmakers who are dedicated to recording and preserving the legacy of the great Martial Arts Masters. Along with this, he has directed eleven martial arts instructional videos, with two of the top traditional martial artists known today – (Sijo Carl Totton & Sijo Steve Muhammad who was featured in Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee).


When asked what is next on the horizon Hashim tells us about his short film called Dreamskate, a fantastical journey through a young woman’s dreams where she reconnects with her motivation to succeed.  “This is the piece that really allowed the writer, Carmelita Thomas, and me, to experiment and have fun.” And it doesn’t stop there ladies and gentlemen –be on the lookout, because Hashim Thomas is also developing his first feature film to be shot in 2015.