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Dreamskate - short film

Original concept by Carmelita Thomas  / Directed by Hashim Thomas.

Dreamskate – a fantastical journey through a young woman’s dreams where she reconnects with her motivation to succeed.

Carmelita and I both played many roles such as Musical Director, Costume Designer, Art Director, DP, Editor and a couple more. We had a very small production crew namely Ahmad Stoner and Ashley Hinkle who was a tremendous help as a casting director and associate producer. She also put in work on a couple late nights of sewing and costume making. We had tons of fun going to Downtown LA fashion district putting together costumes. I designed the Sea Angels headdress we made from scratch using a material with fish-like scales on it.  I then painted tropical fish patterns on it. My Godmother Mutia helped sew some super thick material to bring it all together. We originally had three Sea Angels but one got sick as we sailed out to the Pacific Ocean. Our talent was amazing considering the difficult conditions of shooting underwater (especially in the open sea).

Desert Dusk  brought together an amazing original soundtrack – featuring Grammy nominated Kelvin Mockingbird, Wow Jones, and Bob Malone as composers and Carmelita Thomas as Musical Director. The single “Glory” will be released in 2015 on iTunes. We released the film at the Santa Monica Pier on a forty-foot LCD screen. It was amazing we were the first independent content project to be featured on the revolutionary Zeusvision, who typically shows clients such as Ellen Degeneres and Disney. This project was really an excuse to play with visual imagery and music while coming up with content to showcase on all social media applications, giving potential clients an idea of how we can create media campaigns.


Dreamskate – a fantastical journey through a young woman’s dreams where she reconnects with her motivation to succeed. Original concept by Carmelita Thomas  / Directed by Hashim Thomas.

This story is about a young girls dream to be an Olympic skater. The story takes place as she takes a Taxi cab to her final tryout and falls asleep having an amazing dream reminding her of her passion and excitement she had as a little girl, one that was adventurous and able to see life with fresh eyes. Finding the gems within her heart she awakens ready to live her Dreams.


Fiat - spec commercial


Original Concept by Jonny Blu and Jacqueline Pinol

Directed and Shot by Hashim Thomas

Branded Content –  This is a healthy mix between a music video and a commercial.

This is a 2 minute version but a 30 second and 15 second video is available also.  Providing content for various media outlets such as websites, blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter and any other use a client may have.

Sum - Oblivion Music Video

This video for Sum was really fun to make.  I got to build an escape-pod like spaceship; oh yeah, did I mention in my living room.  My good friend Ahmad Stoner came over to lend some of his technical expertise and installed over 120 individual LED lights all over the set. I took actual instruments from Sum’s collection and installed them in the set. The idea being he uses the instruments to navigate through space.

The video concept – Space pilot Sum is low on fuel and resources, forcing him to shut off his engines. In a last attempt to record his life work he records one last message for mankind, “Oblivion”. Thinking he was done was his last thought before waking up on the streets of Los Angeles as a homeless man, but still driven to give his message to anyone who will listen.


 Desert Dusk was an executive producer for the video.

Art Department

Art Department for commercials and music videos.

Since 2001 I have worked in every position in the Art Department, including Art Director.  The thing I love most — the challenges which always arise and require creative problem-solving skills, from building and painting sets, to renting and creating props.  The Art Dept has been my film school. I would always ask tons of questions to the Gaffers and Camera crew trying to learn as much as possible about the equipment.  I watched how it was used to create certain effects then I tried it out on my own, applying everything I learned on set in my productions.

Hollywood looks real bright and shiny from the front, but the nuts and bolts all do their jobs best when they are hiding from your attention. I often say my job is best done when no one notices. If something looks weird or out of place on set it’s often my responsibility to fix it. We are constantly trying to create environments that look believable.  The irony is what looks believable to the camera is a complete lie.  So, knowing how and when to lie is the job of the Art Department.

Often on larger productions we build a twenty foot wall but end up only shooting a five foot corner.  This has shaped the way I think when I design keeping the overall goal in mind—do I need twenty foot of wall or just five, it will make a difference when budget is a concern and it always is? It comes down to what is needed for the shot. I have worked on productions that had million dollar budgets and PSA’s that had $15,000. The trend now is going towards smaller budget productions, which gives me an advantage. Being that I Direct and DP my productions my Art Dept experience will always inform me about “production value”.




Martial Arts - Historical Preservation Group

The Martial Arts have been a huge part of my life since I was 15 years old.  I am a member of the Historical Preservation Group. We are a collective of Martial Artist and Filmmakers who wish to preserve the practices and culture of the Martial Arts.  We have shot instructional videos that include documentary interviews and discussions.  I have shot 9 Instructional DVD’s for The Core System which contain combative training as well as Health Practices. I also shot the first Instructional DVD for Sijo Steve Muhammad. Every year there is a gathering in December called the Winter Gathering held by the Whipping Willow Association. I have been shooting this event for years recording the living legends of today who have paved the way for Martial Arts to flourish in America.


Greeting Cards - Icon Series

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“The greeting card that is a gift”

These images are symbols of power and inspiration. This six-card collection is from my “Icon Series” which are hand painted on canvas using spray paint & stencils.  I promise you know someone who would love to get one of these. You can even frame it as a work of art.

These exclusive Greeting Cards come in a custom size of 5”x5”. Each card comes with a gold translucent envelope.

Special printing techniques easily set these works of art apart from what is available. Each card has a die cut cover and foiling applied to enhance details in the image. The foils are either a metallic color or a white pearl gloss which contrast the matte image perfectly.