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The Historical Preservation Group (HPG) is committed to preserving and sharing the art form of martial arts through diverse multimedia channels. At the heart of our mission is a dedication to producing compelling documentaries, feature films, books, and art that promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of martial arts among a broader audience.

8mm Film Archive From The Golden Era Of Martial Arts

The Golden Era, a term that refers to a specific period in time and a distinctive approach in the training. The 1960's through the 1970's marked a significant moment in the history of martial arts in America. During this era, traditional Eastern practices and techniques were introduced to the American public for the first time. A vast array of styles and teachers arrived on the scene, and for the first time, the concept of mixed martial arts began to take shape as individuals began to blend and incorporate various forms and techniques that were most beneficial to them. This period marked a turning point in the evolution of martial arts in America, and it continues to have a lasting impact on the practice today. The Golden Era - Where the roots of mixed martial arts were planted from traditional seeds.
8mm film archive

Grandmaster Ark Y. Wong

Historical Series Vol. 1 – watch the Father of Kung Fu in America demonstrate his famous 5 Animal forms (Tiger, Dragon, Leopard, Snake, and Crane), Kung Fu basic training, Fut Ga advanced form, and his special sticky hands training on the steel dummy! GM Wong taught many very well known martial artist and was the pioneer who opened Kung Fu’s previously secret teachings to all races in 1960 in Los Angeles’ Chinatown (33min)

Historical Series - Vol. 2

This rare footage was filmed by Prof. Carl Totton in the 1970’s, the Golden Era of Chinese Martial Arts in America. The demonstrations were filmed in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Marysville. (45min)

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