Enhance your teaching practice with a video library!

As your Director and Cinematographer, I will take care of all aspects of video production, from pre-production planning to post-production editing and sound design. 


  • Meeting with you to discuss your teaching objectives and goals

  • Developing a shooting script or shot list to ensure all important information is captured

  •  Location scouting and planning for the shoot  Assistance with wardrobe, props, and set design 


  • Professional grade camera, lighting, and sound equipment to ensure high-quality video and audio

  • Experienced Martial Arts instructor who is also a 20 year veteran in the entertainment industry filming to capture the right details and techniques 

  • Multiple camera angles and takes to ensure the best footage possible 

  • Direction and coaching during the shoot to ensure your message is conveyed clearly 


  • Video editing to create a polished and professional final product 

  • Sound design and mixing to ensure optimal audio quality

  •  Addition of titles, transitions, and visual aids as needed

  •  Color grading to enhance the look and feel of the video 

Website design:

  • Designing and creating a branded look for the website that showcases your instructional videos

  • Creating a user-friendly platform for selling, renting, or subscribing for students to access your video library.

Benefits of video subscription service:

 Increased access: By having your curriculum on video, you can reach students who may not be able to attend your classes in person. This can help you expand your reach and attract more students.

Flexibility: Students can access your video curriculum at any time, from anywhere. This allows them to practice at their own pace and on their own schedule, which can be particularly helpful for busy or non-traditional students. 

Improved retention: By being able to watch the curriculum over and over again, students may be more likely to retain the information and improve their skills. 

Additional revenue stream: Offering a video subscription service can provide an additional source of income for your teaching practice. 

Examples of Subscription revenue

100 subscribers paying $4.95/month is $495/month 1000 subscribers paying $4.95/month is $4,950/ month 

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